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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Jeremy Hunt rejects a BMA proposal to cancel all out strike by Junior Doctors.

Jeremy Hunt rejects BMA offer to cancel walk-out if he halts contract imposition

Jeremy Hunt: How long can he avoid the blame?

As if his handling of this dispute were not incompetent enough already, Hunt compounds his ineptitude by rejecting a proposal from the BMA which would have allowed them and the Health Secretary to step back from an all out strike.

However, Jeremy Hunt continues on the course which he has pursued from the beginning of this dispute. He has demonstrated a determination to pick a fight with the BMA and Junior Doctors and to take the most provocative position available to him on all of the disputed points. The latest aggressive miscalculation emanating from the Department of Health and seeking to impose by force, new contracts which had already been rejected by the BMA, was guaranteed to create resentment and hostility not only from the Doctors themselves, but also from the vast majority of working people and also large section of the wider public. This "unilateral variation of contract" ploy is probably not enforceable in law but is certainly a reprehensible tactic designed to generate the widest possible resentment within the health service.
Clearly, there is another agenda running covertly behind the on going dispute, written in Downing Street and fronted by the incompetent Jeremy  Hunt

It is glaringly obvious that the continuation of this dispute, generated and maintained by this government with their almost daily provocations and distortions of the facts, is seeking to dismantle the NHS as we have known it and pave the way for a privatised two tier health service where health care is available only to those able to pay.
The conservatives have been hostile to the NHS since 1948 and have over the years sought to dismantle it. This latest dispute is the most determined attempt yet  and must be resisted.
It is our NHS. The Conservatives, with Jeremy Hunt leading the assault, must not be
allowed to destroy it.