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Monday, 4 April 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 03 April 2016

Good morning everyone.

The  "sale" of the British steel industry could be as destructive to societies and as devastating to families in this country as was the destruction of the coal mining industry back in the 1980's. The effects of that catastrophe is still evident today and not specifically in South Wales, with derelict buildings and deserted towns and unemployed people.British government sacrifices thousands of jobs and families in the steel industry as a thank you to China.If we can bail out the banks with £ billions to save a few bankers and hedge fund managers, we can invest in our steel industry to save thousand of jobs and families.
(read more in New Agenda on Sunday story)  

Meanwhile, back in Jersey. Deputy Steve Luce has said that farmers who grow the Jersey Royal should rethink their century-old practice of growing Jersey Royal potatoes year after year in the same ground, and stop using certain chemicals on the potato fields.Many of you may remember the remarkable taste and texture of the Jersey Royal right up until perhaps the early 1980's when artificial fertilizers became "essential" according to the States Agriculture department.
The growers should revert to using vraic on their crops and dispense with all the chemicals. The Jersey Royal today tastes nothing like the potato of past years.
Bring back the tractors and trailers trundling up the roads at L'etacq on their way to the potato fields and grow Jersey Royals with flavour and texture.

Ronnie Corbett of "goodnight from me and good night from him" (amongst other hilarious moments)fame died earlier this week. Very sad.

Still no snow!! Forecasters are predicting  staying mild but getting colder with wind and rain.Who knows? As an Italian friend one said to me "Hey Giovanni. If you want to know what the weather is. look out of the window" . Great wisdom from the masters of philosophy.

Have a nice week.