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Monday, 11 April 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 10 April 2016



Good morning everyone.

What a week for David Cameron !

"Deep Throat" told Bob Woodward to "Follow the money".

 Five days and five different story versions, culminating in a potted account of "the truth". Cameron says that he "should have handled this better", now there is a self evident truism. He then says  "I know there are lessons to learn and I will learn them" when what he actually means is that from now on he will be better at it and he won't get caught again. It would be difficult for the Conservatives to select a new leader as all the possible contenders are "all in it together". 

Matt Armstrong with a parking ticket he received
Matt Armstrong was slapped with an £110 fine by Lambeth Council

Lambeth Council painted a "Disabled Car parking bay" in the road outside Matt Armstrong's home. The bay had been requested some two years ago by Mr Armstrong's next door neighbor for a resident who had actually died earlier this year. The council workmen eventually arrived and overnight, painted the white markings in the road. Unfortunately, the markings were painted around Mr Armstrong's car! The following morning, along came the obligatory Traffic warden and slapped a Fixed Penalty notice for £110 on his windscreen. I assume that he told the Council to go to hell. Local authorities are notorious for employing too many jobs worth morons who have little else to do but to dream up more outrageous ways to rip off the public.
(The fixed penalty has since been rescinded)

biscuits will be delivered to retailers in the comings weeks
 Meanwhile, back in Jersey.Some of the most popular biscuits have been absent from Jersey shops in recent months after floods forced the closure of the factory in Carlisle which supplies shops across Britain.The United Biscuits factory produces several well-known products, including custard creams, bourbon creams, McVities ginger nuts and Carr’s table water biscuits.Retailers Waitrose, the Co-op and Sandpiper CI stores replaced some products with alternatives to bridge the gap until the factory was reopened, but the Carlisle factory has now resumed production, and biscuits will be delivered to retailers in the comings weeks after being off the shelves since December.

Sir John Chilcot 

It seems that the long awaited Chilcott Report will be subject to further delay as British spies will next week, begin the task of "vetting and editing" the text. The influence of Blair still prevails in this saga of prevarication and delay. Blair's "Spooks" crawling all over the draft report, deleting or even now amending the text to reflect Blair's version of "the truth", reeks of cover up and conspiracy.
Still no snow!
Have a nice week