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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Clegg struggling with having no easy choices.

Nick Clegg 'Wrestling' With Syria Decision

Clegg. A second rate politician pretending to be important. Wrestling and struggling with a "Syrian decision" does not imply clarity of thought. It suggests that, as in many instances since this inept leader of the Libdems was elevated to a position well above his capabilities, Clegg will wait until he detects which side of the of the argument will win the day, and then, rather like Thomas Stanley  at the Battle of Bosworth Field, he will sally forth claiming to have been arguing for the final outcome all along.
Throughout his tenure as Leader of the Liberal democrats and more recently as deputy Prime Minister, Clegg has demonstrated a woeful inability to show even the remotes signs of leadership, has reneged on practically every promise or undertaking given previously and revealed a contempt for the people of this country. Clegg can continue with his "wrestling and struggling" until the cows come home. As his ultimate opinion is likely to be that which he considers to be popular with the greatest number of people, it is worthless in any case. He would be better employed wrestling and struggling with the decision as to which socks he puts on tomorrow morning.