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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Foreign aid is not always routed to the intended recipients.


Godfrey Bloom shrugs off condemnation after demanding that Britain stops sending money to 'Bongo Bongo Land'

UKIP MEP. Godfrey Bloom

It is common knowledge that I do not support UKIP, or any of their "policies", and I certainly do not support Cameron and the ConDem coalition. Having said that however, I find it difficult to construct an argument in opposition to what Godfrey Bloom has said. He has just (09:25 today) been interviewed on BBC News24 where Simon McCoy had a less than comfortable time trying to get the "BBC line" across with constant references to "Bongo Bongo land" only to be rebuked and frustrated by the logic and common sense responses from Bloom.
It is common knowledge that huge sums of taxpayers money is sent to countries where greed and corruption in the ruling classes siphons off a huge  part of the "aid", to fund lavish life styles of palaces, yachts, cars and other "luxuries", whilst their people live in squalor and deprivation without adequate water supplies, food, education and infrastructure which are the very necessities which the "aid" was destined to contribute to in the first place.
Other countries, (their identities are well known to all) use such "aid" money as a contribution to their budgets for the purpose of purchasing more sophisticated weapon systems, aircraft and communications equipment, and perhaps even more obscenely, riot control and "civil disorder" equipment to retain their position of power in response to protest.
It is indefensible to maintain that our foreign aid programme is for the benefit of the people of any given country, when the sums given are untraceable and vulnerable to theft by the recipient governments or used for purposes other than aid for the population.
Whilst almost 1miilion people in the United Kingdom are reliant of food banks, whilst treatment for cancer patients is denied by the NHS, whilst the NHS is being dismantled piece by piece due to lack of funds and sold off piece meal to private enterprise, whilst pensioners the sick and the disabled are subjected to cuts in benefits in the name of government savings and all the other obscene effects of government policies are blatantly obvious every day, a foreign aid policy in its current form is a luxury we cannot afford.
When the aid is traceable, used to provide infra structure, used to provide food and water and is not used for the purposes of purchasing arms and financing lavish life styles then such an aid programme is not only right but is morally essential, but until the time when such safeguards and assurances are in place we have a duty to our own people