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Sunday, 18 August 2013

The junta is responsible.

From state-controlled newspapers and private pro-government TV channels the message is that Egypt is facing a foreign "conspiracy" to undermine its stability.


It is ironic, and predictable, that a junta controlled press and media will attempt to divert attention from reality.The bloodstained coup leaders in Egypt, together with their puppet politicians, would like the world to believe that they are the victims of some conspiracy in the west to "undermine the stability of Egypt".
The indisputable fact, is that on July 3rd a military coup, led by Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, overthrew the democratically elected President Morsi, replaced him with the Mubarak clone Adly Mansour, and embarked upon a killing spree on the streets of Cairo and a dozen other cities across Egypt in a thinly veiled attempt to eradicate any and all opposition to their "new order". Distortion of truth, lies and hypocrisy are the hallmarks of governments everywhere, but in the case of a military dictatorship and its iron fisted control of all media, such distortions quickly achieve the status of "truth".
No matter how much effort the junta with its police and military may employ to convince people that they are the "good guys" and no matter how much they may use their overwhelming fire power in their attempts to enforce restrictions on the protestors, the reality is plain to see. The streets are bloodstained, the mosques bear the scars and damage of battle, the makeshift and regular morgues are filled with bodies and the debris of destruction are everywhere. Already, many of those who enthusiastically supported the removal of President Morsi, are starting to see that the alternative is dictatorship and military rule, which thousands of them protested against in Tahrir Square two years ago and are now coming together under the "anti coup" banner.They are not Muslim Brotherhood members and many of them are not even supporters of the Brothers but they share a common ideal. They are opposed to military dictatorship and demand a return to democracy.

The stability of Egypt is not being undermined from outside. The illegal coup of July 3rd and the barbaric killings of unarmed protesters by the police and military since then, are undermining Egypt and its future minute by minute. The protestors will not remain unarmed indefinitely. Egypt is a nation divided and may soon descend into a civil conflict to match or even exceed the carnage in its neighbour Syria. The responsibility for that scenario, together with responsibility for the present civilian dead and injured, lies squarely at the feet of Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and his murderous junta.