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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

"As close to justice as we are going to get "

Ian Tomlinson's family win apology from Met police over death in 2009

The family of Ian Tomlinson "win an apology" from the Met Police. The inquest into the death of the newspaper seller, eventually decided that Ian Tomlinson had been unlawfully killed. The jury at the trial of Simon Harwood, the police officer who had used "excessive and unlawful force"  inexplicably found Harwood not guilty of Tomlinson's manslaughter. A decision which rates amongst the most incredible verdicts ever reached by a jury in the history of the English legal system.

Simon Harwood: inexplicably found not guilty

In the meantime, no other officer has faced disciplinary action in connection with the killing, and Harwood  who was sacked for gross misconduct in September last year,  keeps his police pension as he has not been convicted of a criminal offence. The events surrounding this whole matter leave a sour taste. The botched initial inquests, the investigation and subsequent cover up, the re employment of Harwood by the Met Police after his previous behaviour, the verdict of the trial jury Harwood's avoidance of any consequences for his actions, even to the extent of retaining his pension, are bizarre to any observer.
This is not justice but as Tomlinson's widow, Julia Tomlinson, said. "The public admission of unlawful killing by the Metropolitan police is the final verdict, and it is as close as we are going to get to justice,"