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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Condor Ferries engine problems...again !

Condor Vitesse suffers engine trouble

Condor Vitesse

Déjà vu.

When will Condor get rid of these troublesome ferries, which incidentally are now looking well past their sell by date both mechanically and in the lounges, and replace them with proper vehicle ferries built for the prevailing conditions and traffic, rather than for the very different conditions around Australia or the Caribbean?
We have been on both the "Express" and the "Vitesse" on a number of occasions since April of this year and the standard of both vessels has declined rapidly.The ships are generally grubby, (including the Rapide which we have also travelled on frequently) the reclining seats  are mostly broken and remain un repaired, and Club Class travel now only provides complimentary coffee and a muffin, which has usually seen better days. The condition of the ships, particularly the interiors, may in part be due to the reduction in staff on board, but even this does not excuse the state of the lounges.

The Condor fleet

There is no alternative means of travel to the Channel Islands when taking your car which is reflected in the very expensive ferry fares (In excess of £300 for a car and 2 passengers). If there were another operator, then perhaps Condor's standards would improve.
The fleet, may well be fast (when using all four engines) but it is certainly not reliable. We hope that the engine problems have been resolved soon as we are booked on a ferry from Poole in September with the return to Weymouth.