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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Debanhams: Britain's favourite department store ?

 A phone call to Debenhams and a visit to Debenhams on line.


Where are all the people?

Debenhams. The most user unfriendly site in the whole www area.
I have just spent 20 minutes on the telephone (10p per minute plus network charges) listening to a recorded voice automatically transferring to an automated response,giving umpteen options, asking for an account number and then not recognising it. Another call, and after pressing # a number of times (tip received from Santander complaints desk) I found a human voice (which sounded like he was in Mumbai) who promptly told me to ring back in 30 minutes as their systems were down and he could not help. We exchanged a few words and I hung up. A visit to the Debenhams site proved less than useful as after rummaging around in their "Help" sections and being advised to ring the telephone number I had previously used (10p per minute plus network charges) and finding no trace of an e-mail address, I gave up on that too. Perhaps a post on their Facebook page and copied to my Blog and my Twitter account may jolt some response from this awful company.