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Monday, 12 August 2013

Continuing settlement building in occupied Palestine.

Israel Approves 1,200 New Settler Homes In Palestinian Prisoner Swap Deal

Illegal Israeli settlement construction


It has always been abundantly clear that Israel has no interest in, or intention of, making any agreement with Palestine.
This Huffington Post article implies that the Palestinians agreed to the continued building of Israeli settlements in exchange for the release of Palestinian prisoners. This is far from true. In fact the Jewish Home Party leader Naftali Bennett (who also boasts that he has killed lots of Arabs during his life) would not support the Israeli coalition government of which his JHP is a part, in continuing with or even attending the Kerry inspired "peace" initiative, or the prisoner release, unless Netanyahu and the rest of the coalition agreed to the announcement of and continuation with the construction of 1,200 more settlement homes in the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem. Another nail in the coffin of the "Israeli Palestinian talks", before they have even started in earnest.
In addition there is little real support within the coalition for the talks or certainly within the Knesset,  for the idea of a "two state solution". In Likud, where Netanyahu is leader, MK Miri Regev told Israel Radio  that there was "no majority support for the idea of a two-state solution".
The building of Israeli settlements in occupied territories, condemned internationally by everyone as illegal (except America who's criticism is limited to describing the constructions as "unhelpful") has always been a huge obstacle to any form of agreement between the Palestinians and the Israeli's. To suggest as this article does, that the Palestinians would agree to continued settlement building in exchange for the release of 24 prisoners, is both misleading and wrong.