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Saturday, 3 August 2013

"He has prostituted the party. "

 Nick Clegg Accused Of 'Prostituting The Lib Dems' Over Lords Appointments


Nick Clegg

Since "buying" his chair (and position in government) at the cabinet table in Number 10, Nick Clegg has prostituted every principle, value and tradition that the Liberal Democrat party ever had. Those traditional Liberals, such as my Grandfather, would recognise Clegg as the political opportunist that he is, cynical and populist, ready to betray any policy or promise ever made to retain his own personal position. How the rank and file members of the wider Liberal democrat party can stomach this  political mercenary is a complete mystery.
The open criticism of Clegg has been growing amongst the party "faithful" for some time and not only on the question of House of Lords appointments. His position as party leader seems to be becoming less tenable by the week.