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Friday, 16 August 2013

Ashraf El-Kholy should be declared as "person non grata"

Ashraf El-Kholy claimed that the large death toll was partly due to protesters killing each other.

Egyptian ambassador to the UK, Ashraf El-Kholy


The Egyptian ambassador to the UK, Ashraf El-Kholy, debases the very principle of diplomacy between nations. It is one thing for an Ambassador to present their country and events there in the best possible light, but quite another to blatantly distort truth and to defend the actions of a military dictatorship with hypocrisy and lies. The evidence and reportage of what happened in Cairo and other towns throughout Egypt yesterday, was displayed on television screens and in first hand reports around the world. It would be impossible for the media, except perhaps State television in Egypt, to ignore or minimise the events in Nasr City and the indiscriminate killing of what is now believed to be more than 700 men women and children, during barbaric actions by the military. 

Yet the Ambassador would have us accept that the military "did not use excessive force" and were merely defending themselves. This man is nothing more than a mouthpiece for a junta in power from their coup, and disgrace to the principle of diplomatic relations between the countries of the world. He should be declared as "person non grata" and deported from this country forthwith.