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Friday, 23 August 2013

The hysterical clamour for intervention increases.

 US holds spate of Syria talks as concern grows over chemical weapons claims

Forget the rhetoric from Hague and the French, and the apparent dithering from the Americans, which is after all only for public consumption. Just like the legs and feet of the duck "paddling furiously under the water", the corridors of the Pentagon are filled with people rushing around preparing intervention plans for Washington. The fact is that White House and Downing Street who are joined at the hip on this matter, and the French (who have historic connections with Syria) have been itching to get involved in this civil war for almost the whole two years that it has been going on. Back in June of this year, Tony Blair, middle east peace envoy, hypocrite, war criminal and liar, was advocating western intervention against the Assad forces with the imposition, as a start, of "no fly zones" along sections of the Syrian borders.
I have been arguing for over 12 months that "the West" should not become involved in this civil war, and the latest hysterical rantings, from Hague particularly, have done nothing to change my opinion. True, the gassing of civilians by either side, is an atrocity which demands investigation. An investigation to justify subsequent "war crimes" trials at the International Criminal Court, not to provide an excuse for bombing Syrian army positions, shooting down Syrian Air force planes or giving state of the art weaponry to the opposition groups within the FSA. 
It has not yet been established who was responsible for this alleged gas attack in the suburbs of Damascus, or even  if such an attack in the manner as described in the "pro intervention" media, actually occurred. The western politicians, are orchestrating a symphony of anti Damascus, anti Assad press and television coverage to stimulate public opinion into the acceptance of the intervention scenario. This alleged "gas attack in the suburbs of Damascus, has in fact come at a very convenient time for the advocates of intervention. A United Nations inspection team of 20 specialists is at the Four Seasons Hotel in Damascus just 12 miles  from the "incident", more over Government forces have made significant gains against the FSA and the the opposition forces have been pushed out of many areas around the country. Why then should Assad choose now to authorise the use of weaponry which he and his advisers would know would generate outrage and condemnation throughout the world?  The idea is illogical and makes no sense at strategically or diplomatically.
The only side to gain any advantage from this incident, is the side which promotes the cause of intervention.
In war, truth is the first casualty. The Syrian civil war although tragic, is not a war in which we, the United Kingdom, or others, should become involved. Standing "shoulder to shoulder" with America  will only lead to another intervention in a Middle East country, in an ill conceived and badly executed botch up with all the resulting consequences.