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Saturday, 26 April 2014

The "peace process" is dead

Yet another betrayal of the Palestinians

Robert Fisk

'Barack Obama becomes the latest US President effectively to give up on the peace process'

The "peace process" is dead (if it were ever alive in the first place) together with the concept of a "Two state solution". The Israeli's have never really been committed to or interested in any form of agreement with the Palestinians and certainly since the "Cast Lead" atrocity of December 2008, have demonstrated a growing hostility to Palestine. Continuing expansion of Israeli settlements, more building and land grabbing in Jerusalem and on the West Bank, the gradational annexation of huge sectors of the occupied territories, thus ensuring that any concept of a "viable" Palestine was negated.
Palestinians have been betrayed over many years and surely have now come to the position where only one solution remains.Palestine should apply for full membership of the United Nations with all the ramifications that such an act would generate.
The time is fast approaching when the spite and venom of the Israeli government and the duplicity of the United States (and to its eternal shame the government of the United kingdom), will be isolated in world opinion and Palestine will achieve nationhood.