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Saturday, 19 April 2014

The writing has been on the wall for almost 3 years, but nobody chose to read it.

Weymouth stunned by Condor Ferries' plan to leave port

Dorset Echo: SAILING AWAY: The Condor Vitesse departs from Weymouth
Condor Vitesse departs from Weymouth

Why should the latest chapter in the Condor Ferries/Weymouth story cause so much surprise and agitation?
I have been predicting a scenario such as this since before the Condor Ferry operation was forced to relocate to Poole, prior to the 2012 Olympics, and the repairs to ferry terminal three at Weymouth during the same year. Since 2012, numerous blog entries have commented on the fact that Weymouth and Portland Borough Council’s handling of the relationship with Condor Ferries, the Weymouth Harbour repairs and ferry arrangements during the work programme have been a catalogue of ineptitude and incompetence, not to mention the disastrous handling of the Olympics themselves. No matter how far this incompetent council drive their head into the sand, the evidence is compelling.
Now this latest “bombshell” leaps from behind the tree and causes panic.
As recently as October of last year, I wrote in this blog under “New Condor ships may be too big for Weymouth Pier three”, that “However, the rebuilt Ferry berth 3 at the Weymouth Ferry terminal, is apparently not big enough to take larger ships. It seems that the planners did not see that problem coming. It this is in fact the case, then Poole may be the only port (other than Portsmouth for the traditional ferry) for arrival or departure from the Channel Islands.”
It is very easy to resort to the “I told you so” clich√©, but mine was not the only siren voice raised to warn the Council that they were on the wrong track and heading for disaster.
The prospects of finding a solution to this problem seem, at this time to be remote but hopefully for the town and the people employed by Condor a solution will be forthcoming.

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