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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Will we allow this evil murderer to remain in the UK, when we deport a 19year old girl studying for "A" levels?


Convicted killer fights deportation to ‘crowded and dirty’ Italian prison where he will be 'unable to call his wife'

Danilo Restivo

This is another glaring example of the argument and criticism which I used when condemning the deportation of Yashika Bhageerathi back in early April.

At that time,I received many comments to the effect that she deserved to be deported due to being an "illegal immigrant" and that events such as those concerning Danilo Restivo as described in this article, the family rights connections or the traumatised cat, did not in fact happen.
To all those detractors at the time, and to all those PC morons supporting this evil man now, these events do happen and they are an outrage.