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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

They still intend to attack Syria, no matter what the world may say or do.


Syria's Bashar al Assad is "using lethal chlorine gas",  Western leaders fear.

Syria calls Presidential election.

"The Obama administration and its allies believe the Syrian government may have used chlorine gas in a deadly attack this month"

War mongering interventionists, still clamoring to become involved in the Syrian civil war and still seriously miffed that their ambitions were thwarted.
History is littered with examples of how seriously disturbed politicians and militarists, avidly supported by certain elements of the industrial sector, will continually seek to undermine and demonise any opposition to their expansionist agenda, and overturn any decisions which prevent them from carrying out their malevolent intentions.
We should all hope that the hypocritical rantings on both sides of the Atlantic, of voices even now still seeking to attack Syria, remain as disregarded contemptible nonsenses from those with their own agenda of self interest and duplicity.