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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Michael Fabricant: A victim of a fit of pique.

Tory vice-chair Fabricant sacked in 'knee-jerk decision'

Michael Fabricant: M P for Lichfield


Michael Fabricant may be a bit of a buffoon, pompous and a bit "off the wall", but he was already that when he was first appointed to the post of Conservative vice-chairman. The difference today is that Cameron and much of his party management. are smarting from having to remove the odious Miller from her post as Culture secretary, (never mind what Miller, Cameron and the others may put out for public consumption, the woman was sacked), and are lashing out in a fit of pique. It just so happens that Fabricant "got in the way" and refused to resign after his tweet "About time too".
Actually, she should have "resigned" days before and certainly on the same day as she made the "apology" to the House of Commons.
Cameron, Osborne and others defending of her position over the past days, is exposed as bad judgement culminating in a not very well concealed removal. It is interesting to note that, according to today's Times, it was Osborne who actually led the "palace coup" to remove her.
Which ever way you look at it, Fabricant is a victim of  a temper tantrum and has become some Tory party self inflicted collateral damage.
You could almost have some sympathy for him.