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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Another unwanted contribution from Blair.

Tony Blair, who supported Egyptian military's overthrow of democratically elected government, urges west to take sides

Tony Blair: Middle East peace envoy

The "Middle East peace envoy" adds his unwanted contribution to a debate on a problem which has essentially been created by the foreign policy decisions of the Bush family, with Blair's unquestioning adherence to and enthusiastic support for  military interventions in middle eastern countries. 
Even from the sidelines of the worlds stage, Blair continues with his lies, distortions, hypocrisy and badly concealed desire for a position which he neither deserves nor warrants. His whole existence is fueled by the growing megalomania of a dangerously deluded man seeking to promote himself to a messiah like position where his words are the gospel, his actions are exalted and his mere presence is glorified.
Ironically, the problems of today's Middle East are embedded in history and have been caused essentially by European governments, predominately the United Kingdom and France, and their betrayal of the Arab peoples since before the First World War. The problems have been compounded, certainly since the last war, by successive European and American military intrusions and the establishment of "friendly pro western" administrations regardless of support amongst the peoples of the country, These well documented interventions culminating in the catastrophic events engineered by Bush and Blair, the fallout of which is with us today and shall remain for decades ahead, are monument to man totally unfitted for any position of honesty, responsibility or public office.
For Blair to now call for the west to "take sides" is the epitome of duplicity, from a man without shame or principle..