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Thursday, 3 April 2014

A callous outrage? Yashika Bhageerathi is deported.

Yashika Bhageerathi flown out of Britain minutes after legal plea fails

Yashika Bhageerathi
We allow paedophiles, rapists, murderers, "terrorists" and other assorted criminals,(and often their families), specifically those who are foreign nationals, to remain in this country on it seems an indefinite timescale. The reasons for this anomaly are usually based on some nebulous concept of "human rights" or that their cats would be traumatised if they were deported. Additionally, we allow many of these evildoers the freedom to wander in and out almost at will, from some open prison or other penal establishment (if of course, they are actually in the prison system rather than on bail, remand or some other indefinite form of restriction)
In this case, we have a 19year old girl, who has been in the United Kingdom for some two years, is at school studying for "A" level qualifications, has committed no criminal offence and yet is deemed to be some sort of threat and is deported. This is in spite of the undertaking from her family, that they would all leave the UK following the examinations in May. That is next month, less than 50 DAYS from now!
The decision to deport this girl,not her family, just the girl is a callous and disgraceful outrage perpetrated and endorsed by Theresa May, James Brokenshire, and David Cameron.

Theresa May and David Cameron.

James Brokenshire

These three individuals, as those ultimately responsible for this apathetic decision, should feel shame this morning for failing to intervene in this process and delay the deportation,(if deportation is in fact the right course),if only until later in the year.
In pursuit of their desire to appear tough on enforcing the "rules", they have succeeded only in exposing themselves as obdurate, haughty idiots having little, if any, understanding of the significance of their actions.