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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Bahrain Grand Prix goes ahead despite protests on the streets.

The protests and the race go on.

In sport, money is all too frequently far more important than principle.This time it is F1 and the Bahrain Grand Prix at Sakhir.
Some time this week, if he has not already benefited, Ecclestone will add a few $ or£ million to his huge bank deposits located around the world, Hamad bin Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa and the rest of the "Royal" family, will soak up the kudos of this major sporting event, and no doubt collect their fees and expenses.
When the trophies are presented after the race, national anthems will be played and there will be much celebration amongst the teams and those in the grandstands, then the whole circus will move onto the next race, the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai on the 20th April.
In Bahrain, the protests will continue and for the Al Khalifa clique its back to business as usual. The business of human rights abuses, crushing of protests, usually with the "assistance" from Saudi military, and vicious suppression of any form of criticism. Business as usual where "the West" condones and supports, both militarily and financially, the Al Khalifa family and their despotic regime and the worlds press and media, with a very few exceptions, completely ignores the daily protests and demonstrations in Manama and other towns and villages throughout Bahrain.

The protests continue
Even as recently as yesterday, there have been demonstrations in the streets and many have been injured by the "security" forces, all of which has been unreported in the western media. Calls for today's race to be boycotted, and for Bahrain to be removed from the F1 season calendar have been completely ignored for the past few years. I personally enjoy F1 and where possible watch all the races, but the race today should not be taking place. It may be just a gesture, and will make not one iota of difference, but when the race starts at 4 pm UK time, I shall be washing my hair or writing another Blog entry or even preparing Sunday diner. I shall not watch the race.
Ecclestone should be ashamed of himself for continuing with this support for this Bahrain regime, but he wont be as he stands to make a great deal of money. The F1 ruling body should be ashamed of themselves for allowing Ecclestone the freedom to continue with this event, but they wont because of their "fear" of Ecclestone and the fact that they stand to make a great deal of money. I have some sympathy for the drivers as they are under contract to the teams, but again the teams stand to make a great deal of money.
In sport, money is all too frequently far more important than principle.