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Thursday, 3 April 2014

The lightweight political hypocrite loses another debate.

Nigel Farage Wins Second European Union Debate Against Nick Clegg 



Farage UKIP and Clegg LibDem

 I did not watch last night's (2nd April) second debate. In fact I did not watch the first debate either as both are centered on a specific policy issue, rather than seeking to inform "the voters" of the wider political differences. However, having made that clear, I did watch news coverage on television, (never a completely reliable source of information) and read various news articles and discussed the issue friends. 
The consensus of opinion, from all these sources, is that Farage won the debate, with Clegg coming a poor second. Reliance on very poor jokes and personal jibes is not a good substitute for balanced and reasoned political argument.The audience should be left with the view that all though we may not agree with the policy, the arguments for it were well put. Not so the case with Clegg.
I have frequently argued that Clegg is nothing more than a political opportunist, with an eye for the main chance. That chance came with the result of the last general election producing a "hung parliament", and Clegg seized the opportunity with both hands when forming a ConDem coalition with himself as "Deputy Prime Minister", what ever that means.
Since then Clegg has been demonstrably out of his depth showing hypocrisy and cynicism in his dealing both in his dealings with his own party and with parliament.
These two debates have confirmed that Clegg is not only a hypocrite, but also that he is a politically lightweight hypocrite.