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Thursday, 3 April 2014

The kindergarten of the House of Commons at Prime Minister's Questions.

PMQs: David Cameron Calls Ed Miliband And Ed Balls 'The Two Muppets' 


Pathetic behaviour by so called "responsible adults" in the weekly pantomime of PMQ's.
The kindergarten of the House of Commons, brings politics into disrepute and feeds contempt for "politicians" into the public perception of running the country.
These predominately public school constructs on both sides of the Commons, have brought their childish antics directly from the "playing fields" into Westminster, and actually believe that they are really clever, "landing blows" on their opponents and making political capital with insults, jibes and patronising comment, all to a background of baying, ya booing and raucous laughter from the back benches.
An appalling weekly spectacle, which becomes even more ghastly every week.
"A plague on all your houses".