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Monday, 14 April 2014

MP's are "Paragons of virtue"? Colonel Bob Stewart has completely lost the plot.

 'British MPs Are Paragons Of Virtues,' Says Tory MP Colonel Bob Stewart

Colonel Bob Stewart

A worthless comparison by Colonel Bob Stewart. It is always easy to compare our situation with other countries and it is as hollow then as it is now coming from Stewart. Salaries and wages, working conditions, holidays, housing etc have at some time or another, been compared to those abroad, either favorably or unfavorably, depending on the point that the person or organisation drawing the comparison was seeking to make.
The fact remains that British MP's are not,  "paragons of virtue". The House of Commons is, with a few notable exceptions, populated with people more concerned with their own ego's and personal ambitions, shameless and self serving men (and women) more interested in their positions, salaries and expense accounts and other perks associated with being part of the most exclusive club in Great Britain.

"Paragons of virtue"? I think not.

The fact that some "lawmakers" in other lands may fiddle more from their expenses pot, or may be more corrupt in their dealings with industry or media moguls, is neither here nor there. We live in the United Kingdom, and we deserve better from our elected representatives. In the case of our Parliament, the phrase "Honorable members" has a very hollow ring to it.