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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Realignment of the Left?

Unite union boss Len McCluskey threatens to launch party to rival Labour

Len McCluskey: General Secretary of Unite

"a rival party could be created to challenge Labour if it does not win next year."

The need for a new party on the Left of British politics is already clearly evident. Whether the Labour party win the next general election or not, is neither here nor there.
By qualifying the suggestion of a new party, McCluskey repeats the very same duplicity which has plagued the present Labour party for decades. Namely that ideology and principle are somehow linked to winning elections and that such principles can be shelved or even discarded in order to achieve electoral success.
That was one, but not the only one, of the reasons why I left the Labour party shortly before Blair became leader. Labour had degenerated from a party of principle, (albeit that such principle had been watered down over the years since Kinnock,s leadership and had become no more than empty rhetoric which could be changed more often than underwear) to a party more obsessed with courting their perception of public popularity and stealing any "policy" from other parties which gave an impression of being popular. A philosophy carried on and expanded into an art form by Blair, then Brown and now by Miliband.
As recently as February of the year, Miliband promised reforms more far reaching than those of Tony Blair, a prospect which should send a cold shiver through anyone who believes in social justice and wishes to have a real alternative to the Tory party and their divisive policies, demonising one section of society against another.
"Unite" general secretary Len McClusky does a grave disservice to many people in this country who would enthusiastically welcome and support a party of the left, with its roots in the Trade union movement, which is where the Labour party originally came from, a fact so conveniently forgotten over the past decades.

TUC Demonstration.
McClusky should really get some backbone and do what many now believe to be necessary, rather than wallow in the same wishy washy morass as Miliband, and be prepared to accept Labour MP's voting with the Conservatives, abstaining on matters of supreme importance to the people of this country, and abandoning its traditional supporters and political base if Labour win the next general election..
It is a political realignment which this country is in great need of, not a cynical acceptance of the status quo.