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Saturday, 21 March 2015

A "Knob", too big to be sacked?

If you or I acted like Jeremy Clarkson, we’d be sacked. So should he



Jeremy Clarkson

 A tank on the streets of London in support of a "Knob".

An infantile publicity seeking stunt. A petition to the BBC for the reinstatement of the same "Knob". The signatures of almost 1 million people demonstrating how mass hysteria can blur and distort reality into believing that the aggressive obnoxious buffoon is in fact the "Good Guy".

Jeremy Clarkson. How is it that some people can get away (repeatedly) with behaviour that, in any other person in any other occupation, would result in instant dismissal for gross misconduct? A few years ago, when the banking collapse spread around the country, we were told that the £billions of our (taxpayers) money being pumped into the banks was because the banks "were too big to fail". Could it be that this overpaid, self opinionated "celebrity" is " too big to be sacked"?