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Friday, 27 March 2015

William Hague. Plotter, conspirator and not very succesful politician, has finally gone.

Tory backbench rebellion defeats Hague's attempt to unseat Speaker

Hague attempted to oust Speaker Bercow

He was a grubby little runt when he addressed the Tory Party Conference as a self opinionated and conceited 16 year old in 1977. Now, he is a follicly challenged self opinionated and conceited 55 year old, who has clearly, at various times during his political career, been promoted to positions far above his mental and intellectual capability. This latest cringe worthy intrigue instigated as an attempt to oust Speaker Bercow, was described as a "grubby, squalid and nauseous plot", which seems a very adequate description. A fitting end to a wretched 26 year period of ineptitude in the House of Commons for this baseball capped Yorkshire man. He has now gone and the House of Commons might be a better place without him.