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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Sour grapes and hypocrisy

Ecclestone backs Red Bull’s call to rein in Mercedes F1 dominance


Bernie Eccleston with Christian Horner

Mercedes leads Red Bull

When Ferrari dominated every race for season after season nobody said a word about "action to rein in" Ferrari's car and engine advantage and "make races more competitive".

Ferrari 1 and 2. The rest not even in sight

Now the "poison dwarf", Eccleston joins "sour grapes" Christian Horner seeking to "make races more competitive after a one-sided start to the season", by imposing restrictions on Mercedes!
The arrogance and hypocrisy of these two F1 connivers is breathtaking.
With the history of Eccleston and his "colourful" actions and ideas we should not be surprised but I would have expected better from Horner. He has always given me the impression of being knowledgeable and fair in his analysis and management of F1. Granted he has demonstrated a strongly competitive nature but that would be expected from a team boss.
For Eccleston to now join Horner's acrimony towards Mercedes indicates that all is not well in F1. Perhaps each of them have been in their respective positions for too long.