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Sunday, 22 March 2015

The stench of scandal and corruption within the establishment.

Government rejects immunity for public officials who "blow whistle" on child sex abuse.

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Home Secretary Theresa May

This is outrageous. Clearly there are still MP's, civil servants and police who are implicated in this abuse and the conspiracy to prevent full investigation and prosecution of those involved. The malignant scandal of this abuse and the stench of corruption in the echelons of the establishment including the aristocracy, has been an affront and insult to both the victims and the ordinary people for far too long and must now be completely exposed. Those Ministers and civil servants now preventing further investigations and revelations by threat implied or otherwise, blackmail and the use of the Official Secrets Act to silence those who would otherwise provide further evidence, is a sign of desperation and panic in government circles. It may also be argued that those involved could be accused of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and we can only speculate on what other covert motives these people may have. 

John Mann.Tabled an amendment granting limited immunity for whstleblowers

 The interest of justice are not served by preventing investigation. The victims and the public demand full exposure.