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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Royaume-Uni, null point. (Again ?)

Our Eurovision entry has 'all the charisma of soggy lettuce'

Electro Velvet

It seems that my comment to this story from the Independent, has offended some faceless "moderator" at the Independent, as the text has been deleted! You may see for yourself (if you are reading this on Facebook, New Agenda (Blog) or Twitter), that it it not "off topic" nor is it anti semetic, sexist, ageist, racist, or any of the other "taboo" remarks that some "moderators" seem to find so offensive. What ever happened to the concept of "Free Speech" you may wonder. There is no logic or consistency to the moderation policy application between any of the on line publications and more importantly as applied by different moderators on the individual publications. Perhaps we may assume that when any comments on any subject do not conform to the editorial slant of a publication as dictated by the proprietor, they are automatically deleted. For anyone reading this in any of the above mentioned outlets, except of course the Independent, the original "offending" remarks are reproduced here. 

 We must find the people responsible for producing/writing/performing this garbage and put them on trial for crimes against music. After finding them guilty, they should immediately be transported to a remote island in the South Pacific with no contact with the outside world and remain there without further contact for a period of not less than 99 years before they are eligible for parole.
This Eurovision entry is even more awful (if that is possible) than the previous 50 years entries.