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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

"National Security" used as justification for conspiracy to prevent investigation.

Royal family member was investigated as part of paedophile ring before cover-up

Former officer claims the investigation was shut down for 'national security' reasons

The "establishment" have resorted to the "not in the public’s interest because it could destabilise national security" on numerous occasions to cover up scandal and corruption as well as allegations of criminal and sexual activity, so in this sense this story comes as no surprise. These rumours and allegations were well known at the time and have been festering in the background ever since. It is only now, as the layers of the wider conspiracy are being slowly peeled back, is the extent of historic child sexual abuse in this country ( and even murder), and still prevalent today, is slowly emerging from the buried files, records and secrets. The all embracing "not in the public interest" and "national security" justifications for preventing further investigations will no longer be tolerated by the public as acceptable reasons for protecting organisations or individuals from exposure and investigation.
The malignant scandal of the abuse and the stench of corruption in the echelons of the establishment including the aristocracy, has been an affront and insult to both the victims and the ordinary people for far too long and must now be completely exposed.
It must be clearly demonstrated that no individual, no matter what their position in society may be, is immune from investigation and, where proven, conviction for their crimes.The interest of justice are not served by preventing investigation.
The victims and the public demand full exposure