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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Netanyahu wins and the peace process finally expires

Netanyahu sank into the moral gutter – and there will be consequences

Last week, the Prime Minister of Israel said that "there will be no Palestinian state if he wins the election". The voice and face of evil, at last confirming what everyone has known for years. His racist fascist ideology, has murdered thousands of Palestinian men, women and children in the occupied territories of the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza.

The face of evil

He won the election on Tuesday this week, and yesterday (Thursday), he says that he "wants a sustainable, peaceful two-state solution".
Netanyahu the cynic, liar and threat to the whole region.

The occupation of the West Bank, Jerusalem and the blockade of Gaza continues almost 12 months since the ceasefire, which ended (for now) "Operation Protective Edge", when it was agreed that the siege would end and the borders would be opened.
Israel and Netanyahu lied then and the lies continue.
Writing in Haaretz on Wednesday ( March 18th), journalist 
Netanyahu will make Israel the Middle East’s next failed state"
This scenario could be the answer to the on going problem.
Should Israel become the regions next "failed state", then the "International community", would have reason, justification and precedent for invading in the name of spreading peace and democracy. The Palestinians would have their stolen, occupied lands restored, the blockade of Gaza would be terminated and the greatest nuclear armed threat to peace in the region would be ended.
In writing this article for Haaretz, Ravit Hecht voices what many Israeli's feel and fear in connection with the re election of Netanyahu and his next fascist racist government.

 Netanyahu and the people who follow him deserve no sympathy, nor should they receive any.