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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The old master humbled by the pupils, all of them.



England need change

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The country that taught the world how to play cricket has (hopefully) learned the lesson.
Being obsessed with how much money can be made from match fees, wages, product endorsements, sponsorships, television deals and all the other financial benefits accruing from the game is not the objective. Far and away the most important factor is winning matches. (The misguided person who came up with the nonsense that "it is not winning that is important, but taking part and playing the game" was clearly not a Scorpio and did not understand that there are no prizes for being a good looser).
With any luck, the people involved in the organisation, management and playing of football and rugby will have seen this humiliation and will apply the lessons to their own sports. The rugby world cup is later this year and the FIFA world cup in 2018.Is there still time?