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Monday, 23 March 2015

The parents were right.

Ashya's Life 'Saved By Proton Beam Therapy'


Ashya King treatment in Prague
Ashya King with his mother


The parents were right after all. The "hissy fit" doctor(s) concerned (the treatment would be of no use anyway), the Portsmouth council officials who went to the courts attempting to stop the parents taking Ashya to Prague, the judge who granted extradition application, the CPS and police who with almost maniacal vigor pursued and persecuted the parents across half of Europe, some elements of the media who embarked on a campaign of condemnation and demonisation of the parents with little or no justification other than their own warped agenda's, should all read this story and feel shame at their attitudes and actions at the time. Ashya King is in remission now and may that continue. His parents have been vindicated for their actions in doing what ever may be necessary for the benefit of their children and our thoughts and best wishes should be with them.
I make no apologies for my remarks and criticisms of "the system", made at the time and which may be viewed at: