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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Coming out of the woodwork.

John Prescott links Tony Blair's Iraq invasion with radicalisation of young Muslims

Former deputy PM  believes the 2003 invasion of Iraq was 'wrong'

How strange and sad that the politicians (and others) now crawling out of the wood work to criticise Blair and the other warmongers for their illegal wars in Iraq and Libya and the folly of the Afghanistan invasion, have taken so long to speak out publicly. Had they had the backbone to take a stand against Blair and Bush and stay out of American interventions at the time, then perhaps this country would have been spared the consequences of these wars and many families in the United Kingdom would have been spared the trauma of losing loved ones in the pointless and futile conflicts. 


Even at the time, there was substantial public opposition to military involvement in the “shoulder to shoulder with the Americans” mentality, as incited by many politicians from all parties and much encouraged by sections of the media. That public opposition to the wars and hostility towards the politicians responsible for our involvement, has grown significantly over the intervening years and now it seems almost fashionable for those who peddled and supported the lies from Downing Street and Washington to distance themselves from any responsibility for those decisions which have cost this country so much and even now are causing anxiety and divisions within our society.
The motives which drive these individuals to now declare their original (but secret) misgivings and opposition to the policies can only be speculated on. Perhaps it may be something to do with the fast approaching general election or a recognition of the change in public opinion or even a realisation that opposition to the wars is now a potential source of popularity. Whatever the reasons, this change in position is too little, too late and exposes not conscience but cynical opportunism.
The hypocrisy of politicians is breathtaking and leaves many of us shaking our heads in stunned disbelief..