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Saturday, 7 March 2015

The arrogance of office.

Tories go to war over BBC's 'institutional arrogance'

Election 2015: Seven-party TV debate plan

Cameron and the Conservatives, demonstrating all too clearly how holding political office generates and perpetuates arrogance and contempt for any who disagree with them. As someone once said in a different context, "Who does this guy Cameron actually think he is?"
The "final offer" from the Prime Minister implies he believes that nothing can take place unless it is on his terms, in his timescale and in his format. At the end of the day, during election campaigning and on the hustings, Cameron is no more important than a couple of thousand other men and women, many of whom are seeking to satisfy their own ego's by attempting to enter the House of Commons as MP's.
Being Prime Minister, should bestow no greater privilege or favour to the person, for the time being, holding the office no matter which party they happen to lead.
Cameron follows in the footsteps of previous Prime Ministers being riddled with arrogance and conceit.