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Thursday, 9 March 2017

A Budget for the few at the expense of the many

A Budget of  “utter ­complacency, entirely out of touch with that reality of life for millions”.

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A budget for the rich and powerful few at the expense of the many ordinary people.A budget which does nothing for the NHS, nothing for schools and education, nothing for housing or energy and no mention of Brexit. The iniquities and hardship caused by the conservative government drive for austerity continues and will become even more extreme over the coming months as cuts bite even deeper into peoples lives. A punishing budget where the self employed face increases to their National Insurance contributions, in direct contravention of the conservative government manifesto commitments.
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Presiding over the complacency of this Chancellor and his woefully inadequate budget measures, sits the unelected Theresa May who seems absorbed with belief of her own self importance to the exclusion of all rational and logical thought. The grandees of her own party should be concerned with irrational behaviour and her future after her hysterical and sinister outburst of maniacal laughter earlier in the day.
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This country and its people deserve better government than that which is currently in power. As media and political speculation grows for an early General election and the latest figures show that only 30% of the electorate would prefer the government to remain in place for the full term. The Labour party is the only alternative to this spiteful and deceitful government which is in power for the few at the expense of the many.