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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Another party manifesto promise reneged on by conservative government.

Theresa May launched a personal tirade on the Labour front bench, and it was disgraceful. 

Image result for PMQ 22 march 2017
May gets personal
What a shabby, pathetic and shallow performance from a politician disguised as Prime Minister and who has no mandate from anyone in the country except for a handful of conservative party "Grandees", who are even more removed from reality than she herself is. 
Against a background of the usual baying, ya boo hysteria from government benches, Jeremy Corbyn destroyed Theresa May and her pernicious education cuts. His questions exposed the hypocrisy and divisions amongst former government ministers and backbench members as new proposals and consultations were revealed as nothing more than empty rhetoric,masquerading as conservative "Policy".

Image result for prime ministers questions 22nd march 2017
Corbyn destroys May.
Interesting that the media should be so preoccupied with internal divisions between the Labour leadership and a few members of the Parliamentary Labour Party, than with the exposure of this country's Prime Minister and another of her divisive policies.