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Saturday, 11 March 2017

A humanitarian crisis created and fuelled by hypocrisy

World faces worst humanitarian crisis since 1945

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How ironic it is that of the countries listed in this report, they rate amongst those ravaged by civil war or insurgency sponsored, encouraged and supported by the "western powers" with supplies of arms and ammunition to one side (and often to both sides of the conflicts), with logistical and "technical" support.
The hypocrisy of "the west" is stunning when pouring the means of destruction into these and other countries of the area while at the same time bleating on through their UN Ambassadors of the need to address the "humanitarian crises" arising from their own intervention in the politics of the region.

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We have learned nothing over the last 70 years with the result that "the world faces the largest humanitarian crisis since the end of the second world war". As is always the case, it is the people who pay the ultimate price for the intervention of politicians and manufactures in the arms trade, who put "regime change", expansionism and and greed for resources and political influence at the top of their agenda.
The hypocrisy of Western Nations will be responsible for the deaths of millions of people not only in Yemen, South Sudan, Somalia and northeast Nigeria, but also in Syria, Ukraine and a hundred other places around our world.