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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Humiliation for Chancellor as Theresa May sides with backbench MP's

A budget U Turn instigated by the Prime Minister and the "right wing" press.

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Humiliated Hammond defends tax U-turn
A complete and utter humiliation and "U turn" for Hammond, (surely his future must now be numbered in days if not hours) brought about it seems by back bench conservative MP's organised by Theresa May actively encouraged by the media. On Sky television news last night during the newspaper preview item, "Stig" Abell, editor of The Times Literary Supplement, and previously the managing editor of the Sun newspaper, praised the role of the media in this "assassination" of Philip Hammond who only has been Chancellor since July of last year. Abell went on and with great relish, to state that this country has "the most right wing press" ever, a remarkably candid admission from a man with his background and occupation and which is quite rare if not unique on Sky News or the British media generally.
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"Stig" Abell
In a very clumsy and quite inappropriate attempt to criticise the Labour party generally and Jeremy Corbyn (again) in particular, Abell used the well worn cliche's of "open goals", "landing blows" and other nonsensical metaphors to somehow suggest that Jeremy Corbyn had somehow missed the boat, and should have waded in to the domestic blood letting taking place on the government benches, with Hammond being singled out as the sacrificial lamb whilst May, not actually indulging in the maniacal laughter and hysteria of last week, was clearly enjoying the spectacle of her Chancellor's embarrassment and humiliation at the hands of the Tory backbencher's.
I have no idea what Jeremy Corbyn's thoughts were at this time, but it may be that he remembered a quote from Napoleon Bonaparte. Perhaps Stig Abell and the "right wing press", conservative MP's and some other Corbyn critics should also recall the Emperor's maxim
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"Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself"