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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Speculation on an early General Election grows.

Prime Minister Theresa May should call an early general election, former Tory leader Lord Hague has urged.

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When politicians from the government and parts of the media begin speculating and calling for an early election, history shows us that the speculation grows, spreads and quickly becomes irresistible.
The pressure and temptation on Theresa May to go to the country this year will soon become compelling.

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We in the Labour party, must be prepared to fight a short General election campaign within months. The polls suggest that we have lost lost some support amongst the electorate which necessitates that we must concentrate on those issues which effect people in their everyday lives and their aspirations for the future, rather than the divisive and destructive attacks and deriding of our own leadership. The NHS, working peoples rights, housing, energy and transport are issues which we must bring to the front of our presentation to the people of this country, together with securing an honorable and just agreement for the United Kingdom with our European neighbours in respect of Brexit.
We have been on the back foot for far too long, due primarily to self inflicted distractions of leadership elections and to internal debate which consequently has allowed the conservatives to set the political agenda. We have held seats in parliamentary by-elections and we have held or even gained some seats in council elections around the country, but we have lost others.
We must reach out and come together to face a general election which will shape our nation for generations to come. We must not fail those people who look to the Labour party for a fair and just society. The politics of greed and selfishness as created by the conservatives, where the rich and powerful few rule at the expense of the many, must be exposed and refuted.
Only the Labour party can create the fair and just society which the people of this country demand. We must be ready for the election whenever it is called and we may have little time to prepare.