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Monday, 27 March 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 26 March 2017

Good morning everyone

Normal service is now resumed as I have re-established contact with the publisher and I am again receiving New Agenda on Sunday in my e-mail in box. It is certainly easier to hit the "forward" button than go through the agonies of the convoluted fix solution.

The time is now 06:32 (and that is in real money) on Sunday 26th March 2017. All we have to do is to convince those who are responsible for such things, to leave our clocks alone from now and forever more. Good morning all and have a nice day.

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Happy Birthday Vera Lynn.

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Dame Vera Margaret Lynn (née Welch; born 20 March 1917[1]), widely known as "the Forces' Sweetheart", is an English singer, songwriter and actress. Her musical recordings and performances were enormously popular during the Second World War.
On 20 March 2017, Dame Vera celebrated her 100th birthday. In a fitting tribute on the day, her portrait was projected onto the white cliffs of Dover.

Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry .R I P
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Chuck Berry one of the legends of popular music has died aged 90.
A pioneer of rock and roll, Berry was a significant influence on the development of both the music and the attitude associated with the rock music lifestyle. Controversy, terms in prison, tax evasion and a string of great hits including "Maybellene" "Roll Over Beethoven" "Sweet Little Sixteen""Johnny B. Goode" "Back in the U.S.A." "Nadine" "No Particular Place to Go" "My Ding-a-Ling" and many others.

Martin McGuinness. R I P

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An Influential presence in Irish politics for many years, has died after died aged 66.
James Martin Pacelli McGuinness was an Irish republican and Sinn Féin politician who was the deputy First Minister of Northern Ireland, serving from May 2007 to January 2017.

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Norman Tebbit of "Get on your bike" fame, added his own words of hatred to the reports of Martin McGuinness death. Words, which if spoken by anyone else, would probably result in prosecution under some incitement law. However, it seems that Tebbit can say anything he likes. He can spout the most objectionable comments and bile and have his words reported in practically every news media. No one challenges him or censors his words of hate and yet when I indulge in little sarcasm critical of the Guardian and Rowena Mason (see story below), the papers thought police delete all traces of the comment. Our press and media are on a slippery slope.

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Under the heading of "Labour Party membership expected to fall below half a million" Rowenna Mason wrote a long and long winded piece of journalistic nonsense, full of wild speculation, factual inaccuracies and politically slanted opinion. In response, I wrote " Breaking News!
Rowena Mason expected to retire from writing comic strips for the Guardian and take up residence on Haaf Gruney to talk to the storm petrels, sea otters and seals who live on the island. It is not reported who will take on the demanding task of writing inane columns for the once reliable Guardian "newspaper".
The Guardian though police did not approve of my comment.

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What a shabby, pathetic and shallow performance from a politician disguised as Prime Minister and who has no mandate from anyone in the country except for a handful of conservative party "Grandees", who are even more removed from reality than she herself is. Read the full story at "THERESA MAY LAUNCHED A PERSONAL TIRADE ON THE LABOUR FRONT BENCH, AND IT WAS DISGRACEFUL" on . (copy and paste link)

Meanwhile, back in Jersey.

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History shows us that the Jersey "Establishment" will go to any lengths to silence former Health Minister Stuart Syvret, and to perpetuate the cover up of historical child abuse on the island. The latest chapter of this never ending saga, is Stuart Syvret's allegation that he has evidence of murder, rape, child abuse and corruption in the Island, but claims he has effectively been denied the right to make a formal statement to the States police. The Jersey States police, have declined to comment on Mr Syvret’s claims, but have allegedly told the former politician that he must provide details of his allegations in an email before a statement would be taken. The Jersey establishment have been trying to bury the truth of historic abuse on the island for many years, but much to their irritation and anger, it refuses to go away. Keep hammering at them Mr Syvret as eventually the truth will come out.
Read more at (copy and paste link)
The sun is shining, the clocks have gone forward by 1 hour and the weather forecasters are saying that it is getting warmer. I shall be a tad miffed if it snows next week.

Have a nice week.