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Monday, 6 March 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 05 March 2017

Good morning everyone

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It is about time the law against using mobile phones while driving was actually enforced on our roads. 42 drivers using mobile phones at the wheel were caught on the first day of a police crackdown in Dorset as tougher penalties came into force. Yesterday, Tuesday, (yet another) moron using his mobile tried to undertake me on a roundabout after he found himself in the "left turn" lane on the approach. Pity there were no police around at the time. The same moron was still using the phone while tailgating me minutes later.

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Philip Green, agrees to pay "up to" £363 million into the BHS Pension fund, which is just over half (but only just) of the sum he took in dividends and other payments from BHS before selling the company for £1.
The bottom line of course is that Green has "got away with it" as he looks certain to retain his title (though not in my book) he keeps his yachts, helicopters and fleet of luxury limousines, his luxury apartments and his substantial bank balances. Whether or not all or even some of these assets are in his wife's name is immaterial, not necessarily in law but certainly in equity. The 19,000 BHS pensioners will be marginally better off, the 11,000 people who lost their jobs will probably shake their heads in disbelief while Green and his wife will no doubt pour themselves another glass of Dom Perignon 1934, gaze out from their luxury yacht and laugh all the way back to the bank. Green and his wife have done nothing illegal but if there were any justice and equity in this world of unacceptable capitalism, they would both be staring at the grey painted walls of a prison cell.

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Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax (known as Richard Drax), the MP for South Dorset, says that "the House of Lords appear hell-bent on thwarting the will of the people." This dramatic and hysterical piece appearing in Drax's Dorset Echo column this week is of course complete nonsense.
The House of Lords amendment, guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens in the UK as part of Brexit Bill, is not " thwarting the will of the people". The reality is that the amendment quite rightly and properly, seeks to give Europeans who in many cases have been living and working in the United Kingdom for some years, contributing to the British economy, paying taxes and filling important and useful roles in society, a guarantee of their rights following Brexit.
The complete argument may be found at (copy and paste link)

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A large question mark hangs in my mind regarding the new television serial "SS GB". Wooden acting and contrived story lines which seem quite different to the book that I read some years ago. It always seems that books are invariably better than their screen adaptations on television or cinema. I also watched "Prime Suspect 1973" this week. The young Jane Tennison is not quite credible and again the contrived connection between watching an attempted mugging from the top of a bus, a mastermind prisoner planning a robbery, another prisoner (the husband of the mugging victim) offering an alternative target for the robbery all became a tadd confusing. I shall pass on the new and last chapter of "Broadchurch" as we again had to resort to subtitles to follow the alleged plot and the dialogue of the main character. We shall see how these serials develop over the next few weeks, if I can endure them that long.

Meanwhile, back in Jersey, it seems that the number of holidaymakers visiting the Island in 2016 was the highest it has been for five years, at least according to tourist body’s chief executive, Keith Beecham, interviewed in the Jersey Evening Post. Only when looking at the figures a little more closely, does the picture become clearer. The number of staying holiday visitors from the UK increased by seven per cent from the mainland and from Germany by six per cent,(counting working people making return visits each week as "visitors"), while those from France declined by six per cent and from Guernsey by 22 per cent. However, the total amount spent by visitors in 2016 dropped by £15 million to £228 million, and the total number of visitors fell by 26,000 to 692,000. You can always rely on Tourism and States government to provide the right statistics.

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Keith Beecham

Dandara, the well know island property developer and builder, will acquire the former Total Sport and surrounding buildings at Beaumont, if plans are given the go-ahead to build sixty nine flats on the site. Beaumont has the most famous "filter in turn" roundabout on the whole island. Congestion there and on the approach roads particularly in the summer, sometimes backing up into St Aubin, or up to the Le Vieux Beaumont Cannon and even back onto Victoria Avenue (another filter in turn problem spot) has frustrated locals and tourists alike for many years. The prospect of another development in that area can only exacerbate the problem unless the development plans include transport and traffic solutions.

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Beaumont Jersey

The weather (particularly in Dorset it seems) remains predictably unpredictable. Louise Leer and Stav Danaos on national television weather and Holly Green together with David Braine on BBC Spotlight, regular cover all options in the certainty that at least one combination in their meteorological forecast will be right (rather like the truism that a clock which is wrong will be right twice every day). This week we have had rain, warm sun, fog, sleet, wind and frost and that was just on Tuesday !

Have a nice week.