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Sunday, 12 March 2017

The House of Lords amendments to Brexit Bill must be supported in the Commons.

David Davis tells MPs to reject House of Lords' changes to EU exit laws

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The Parliamentary Labour Party and the Labour party in the country must support the Lords amendments.

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The House of Lords amendment, guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens in the UK as part of Brexit Bill, quite rightly and properly, seeks to give Europeans who in many cases have been living and working in the United Kingdom for some years, contributing to the British economy, paying taxes and filling important and useful roles in society, a guarantee of their rights following Brexit. For Theresa May (and others) to give some vague assurances that these rights will be incorporated into the Brexit negotiations after Article 50 has been triggered, is simply not credible as we have heard such promises on many matters in the past, all of which have been discarded within weeks.
The second amendment to give Parliament a vote on any final Brexit "agreement" ensures that Parliament fulfils its role as the sovereign body within the United Kingdom and prevents the Theresa May government from imposing a "Brexit at any cost" deal which may be detrimental to the interests of ordinary people in this country.
The Labour party must support both amendments