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Monday, 17 July 2017

Far too busy to be "sleepwalking"

UK 'sleepwalking' into food insecurity after Brexit, academics say

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The government is “sleepwalking” into a post-Brexit future of insecure, unsafe and increasingly expensive food supplies, and has little idea how it will replace decades of EU regulation on the issue, a report by influential academics has said.
The government is not sleepwalking anywhere. They are far too busy having their own cabinet civil war fighting over who will push Theresa May out of office and make a squalid attempt to grab the vacant bloody crown.

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They are also in conflict as to when this palace revolution will take place and who will be the first to plunge a dagger into the already rapidly declining remains of the woman who expected a massive Commons majority, but ended up in a sordid "relationship" with the DUP.