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Monday, 17 July 2017

Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself

Cabinet 'tearing itself apart' as Brexit Secretary enters crucial Brussels negotiations

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The government descends further into civil war, fighting over the tarnished vestiges of power remaining to them, from the squalid deal done with the DUP, cobbled together in those days of  late June, when Theresa May and many of her remaining MP's were convinced that they could cling to office for the next two years on a "confidence and supply" arrangement in exchange for a £1.5 billion bribe for the 10 votes of the Democratic Unionists from Northern Ireland. A week is a long time in politics and although the "deal" remains in place, the government and the cabinet are disintegrating by the hour, ravaged by the twin issues of challenging for the leadership and Brexit. 
It is an "open top secret" that there are at least three factions within the cabinet seeking to replace Theresa May "when the time is right". The most obvious contenders for the post are Brexit champion,  Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, a candidate in the last leadership election until being "stabbed in the back" by Michael Gove shortly before the ballot, David Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, who has long harboured ambitions to lead the Conservative party having been beaten by David Cameron in 2005, and Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond who is known to be in favour of closer links to Europe than his colleagues. It is also bizarre that Hammond criticises cabinet members for leaking to the press, while at the same time briefing against other ministers. Add to this list, a number of conservative MP's who are known, or rumoured to be, actively positioning themselves for a run at the leadership, under the "new blood" banner. Amber Rudd, David Gauke,Angela Leadsom, Micheal Gove (again), Rory Stewart and no doubt numerous others lurking in the shadows of Westminster awaiting their chance.  

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Against this backdrop of skulduggery and intrigue, claim and counterclaim, there is always the spectre of continuing wrangling with Europe on the subject of the British departure from the European Union. Depending upon which cabinet minister you choose to ask, you will receive a perceptibly different nuance on what the "British position" actually is. We wish to maintain access to the European Free market, from one minister, to we shall have a complete break but will remain part of the European customs Union from another. Rights of EU nationals, employment laws, European courts, Human rights legislation all thrown into the pot and stirred by different ministers. No wonder the EU Commissioners are confused by our apparent confusion.
The day after the Cabinet’s feuding was revealed by the Chancellor, David Davis jetted off for a much heralded meeting to "commence negotiations". Talks which were so important that Davis turned up with no notes, and left to return to London less than two hours after the meeting started.
This country is the laughing stock of Europe and the fault lies squarely with the cabinet and this government.
Until the question of the leadership of the conservative party is finally resolved, the United Kingdom will be nothing more than a joke throughout the world which will continue to damage our position. Theresa May is too discredited and too weak to be of any influence and consequently should step aside. If she is not prepared to take this course, then the cabinet and other MP's must show the backbone necessary to force a leadership election.Only in this way can the United Kingdom regain some credibility, and rescue ourselves from the unholy mess that this government and its intrigues has led us into.