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Monday, 31 July 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 30 July 2017

The third battle of Ypres began on July 31, 1917. 
They called it Passchendaele.

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Good morning everyone.

Why is it that so many people start a sentence with the words "I mean" or "Well, I mean" ?
Is it just another Americanism that has crept into the English language or is it just plain laziness from the speaker?
What ever it is, it is intensely irritating.

It is the "silly season".It is that time of year when newspapers have little if anything to splash across their front pages, which explains why the headlines and "stories" are of such diverse subject matter.
The front pages churn out pictures of some Royal or other, always a good standby to fill a few column inches, or some yawn inducing words about some American politician or some B list celeb involved in another scandal. Some newspapers make up their own stories in their "Fake News" departments and cover their front pages with lies or smears about whichever political party they do not support and some even publish real news using a biased and warped emphasis against a perceived enemy. Take the Dialy Mail for example. Under the heading of "Queue here for the Gravy Train" the mail publishes the most scurrilous and reprehensible attack on working people which is pretty low, even for a paper renowned for its sickening reporting of anything not complying with the views of its owners Daily Mail and General Trust and Paul Dacre, the contemptible editor-in-chief of DMG Media.
Read the full article at

"The free movement of people from the EU will end on the date the UK leaves".
Dependant of course upon which Minister of Theresa May's fractured government you happen to ask, or which newspaper you happen to read or which pundit, quoting "government sources" you happen to be listening to,
The fact is that on the whole subject of Brexit, this pathetic government hasn't a clue where it is and no idea where it is going.

On the subject of Brexit, I note that the Express has burst into action with a story on how the EU is fragmenting in the face of the United Kingdom Brexit and Brussels is tearing apart the "united front".
How can one newspaper be so wrong on so many issues so many times?
The Express joins the Mail and the Telegraph in The Top Three daily "newspaper" publishers of the perverse, distorted and untrue nonsense.
(I do not count the Sun as (a) it is a comic and (b) it is dying a slow death anyway, as more people now buy Andrex Quilts instead)

Why is there a speed restriction of 30 mph on the B3157 for around three miles near the Boarding Kennels? No work going on, just miles of 30 mph signs (but other drivers still go past at 50 mph or more) and the usual traffic cones. It says that work will continue for 27 weeks! Only 23 weeks left then.
I would require a great deal of convincing that some water board personnel or Open Reach people (they and their vans seem to be everywhere) or who ever they are, working in one small field adjacent to the road would require miles of speed restrictions.

Have a nice week