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Thursday, 13 July 2017

More distorted "reporting" from the Mail and from Sky News

Diane Abbott has spoken of how she has been repeatedly labelled a "n*****" in a stream of racist and sexist abuse.

Image result for daily mail front page 12 july 2017

The media led by the Mail and now joined by certain editorial staff and commentators on Sky News, are pushing the lie that this abuse is only carried out by the "terrorists of the extreme left".
Abuse and threats are not the perogative of just one side of the political argument but are accross the board and have been growing more intense over recent years
Abusive behaviour is contemptible, hateful and must be roundly condemned .
The problem is exacerbated however where elements of the media, in  particular the Mail and the Sun, together with television channels such as Sky, give emotive and one sided "credibility" to the probem blaming just one section of the abuse peddlers.
Shame on the abusers and shame on those elements of the media, pushing distortion and lies purley as a means of creating hysteria and increasing their circulation and viewing figures.