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Sunday, 2 July 2017

The arrogance of conservative politicians

Catherine Faulks’ ‘Extraordinary’ BBC Radio 4 Interview On Grenfell Tower Leads To Calls For Her To Resign.

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Cllr. Catherine Faulks
A truly shocking comment from a conservative councillor. but sadly and incredibly not untipical of the attitude which seems to be dominant amongst conservative party politicians.
I recall a debate in the Basingsoke Council Chamber, where I was leading on the shamefully high number of people on the council house waiting list and the lack of any plan to commence a social housing building programme to releive the situation.
A conservative councillor contributed to this debate with an intervention which I have never forgotten. She actually said that Basingstoke did not need a social house building programme, as a sigificant number of people in the exisitng council stock were of advancing years and thus within a relatively short period of time, houses would become available to meet the current shortage. (This comment did draw immediate responses from me and others of my group.)
An unbeleivable story perhaps, but it is absolutely true and demonstrates the callous and contemptible attitude of conservative politicians generally.