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Monday, 10 July 2017

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 09 July 2017

Good morning everyone

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Another "G" something or other conference, this time in Hamburg. Nothing but a very expensive "Jolly" for a lot of people who will spend hours spouting hot air and more hours quaffing lots of very expensive alcohol ( or passion fruit juice for the few who don't drink) and gorging gourmand food with at least four courses. Not from the local Food bank I understand.
Nothing has ever emerged from these G something or other "summits" except some egotistical "politicians" with sore throats, increased waist lines and a few extra pounds showing on their bathroom scales.

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Jacob William Rees-Mogg is tipped to become the next leader of the Conservative party and unless there is a General election, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
The birth of the new baby son, Sixtus Dominic Boniface Christopher, brings the number of the Rees-Mogg children to six.
It is difficult to see how Rees-Mogg would have the time or even the energy to run a political party let alone a country.
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The fall out from the governments refusal to remove the 1% cap on Public Sector pay rumbles on.
This week, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnsoncunning and conniving opportunist, who harbours a burning desire to be the leader of the Conservative party and, as circumstances exist at this time, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdomemerges from the shadows, like some present day Brutus in the senate, to join Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt and Justine Greening and plunge his little dagger into Theresa May, while calling for the 1% ceiling on wage rises to be lifted for "austerity-weary workers" including nurses and teachers.
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Meanwhile, back in Jersey.
I have been writing about historic child abuse in Jersey for over ten years and have consistently argued that Stuart Syvret was right and that he was persecuted by the Jersey "establishment", in their attempts to conceal and cover up the scandal. The findings of the report and the evidence leading to the conclusions, vindicates former Senator Stuart Syvret who first voiced concerns in respect of child abuse and "cultural problems" within the States back in 2007, as a result of information passed to him by "whistle blowers", witnesses and victims.  Likewise, Lenny Harper the first Police officer brought in to investigate the case, was "stitched up" by those same "establishment" people and fired when he came too close to the truth.
The publication of the "Independent Jersey Care Inquiry" by Frances Oldham QC, is not the end of this story, but it certainly marks the beginning of the end. Prosecutions and convictions must surely come soon.
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The first week of "Wimbledon 2017" ends with British interests still in evidence. Murray of course and the new bookies favourite for the Ladies Title, Johanna Konta, who becomes the first Brit to reach the last 16 for many years. We must hope that this is not just another case of the media "hyping up the Brit" in order to do a hatchet job in a few days time.
I understand that there are still strawberries and cream available for those who can afford them.

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The weather forecasters say that the, "Can't sleep unless the fan is on, can't sleep because the fan makes too much noise", nights are over, at least for the time being, as a cold front is drifting down from the North, which will make everything "fresher". With my usual faith and confidence in what our seaweed watching fraternity tell us on the hour every day, I look forward to returning to my usual five hours every night routine.

Have a nice week